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Top Insulated Water Jugs You Need to Try

by Timmy

Water jugs have a prominent spot on the table, whether you host a lunch, plan a picnic, or invite a friend over. Traditional water jugs have their place; however, they have certain downsides.

For instance, droplets form on the outer wall of the jug wetting everything around. However, it is not that damaging but doesn’t look relatively neat either. Additionally, they can keep the inside liquid cool for a limited time, like ten to fifteen minutes.

There are several liquid containers in the market that you can use to keep the water cool. Even an insulated beer growler can serve the purpose. However, a more specific option is an insulated water jug.

What Is an Insulated Water Jug?

As the name specifies, an insulated water jug is a dual-walled vacuum-filled stainless-steel container that keeps the water cool. These jugs save you from the gut-wrenching feeling of sipping lukewarm water on a sunny summer day.

Many manufacturers specialize in making insulated water jugs. However, here are the top customer-attracting products from EVERICHHYDRO.

Top Products from EVERICHHYDRO To Choose From

02510B The Handled Lid Water Jug

02510B is the most sold insulated water jug from EVERICHHYDRO, with a 64-ounce capacity and 1-inch-wide handle for easy use. The screw-on cap provides additional spill protection in outdoor applications.

Its upper section detaches to reveal a wide mouth which is convenient for adding ice. However, you can switch to the narrower mouthpiece if you prefer using it like a water bottle.

Next comes the extended insulation. The container is a double-walled vacuum-filled cavity that preserves the coolness of the water better than anything else. The exterior of the jug is a solid chunk of high-grade stainless steel and is 100% BPA to ensure the hygiene of the liquids. The inner walls have a fine polish to prevent rust and corrosion from seeping in and intoxicating the liquid.

Its puncture-resistant body makes it significantly durable. The company also offers a 32 oz variant to compliment the goodness of the jug. However, if you like, EVERICHHYDRO will also make you a customized piece (provided it’s a bulk order!)

01001A Water Gallon Bottle

The word ‘gallon’ projects an image of a spacious water container in most minds. Fortunately, EVERICHHYDRO has managed to seal the sturdiness and higher capacity into this water jug.

It comes with a handled screw-on cap that makes it super portable. The lid spans about 4 inches, providing sufficient space for adding ice. As mentioned earlier, it has a gallon capacity and can house 128 oz of liquid. The exterior is puncture-free and sweatproof, so it can easily endure all kinds of falls and abrasions.

The bumper is that it comes in a combo offer with two stainless steel cups. So, you can get going as soon as your package arrives without scavenging your kitchen for camping cups.

The capacity of each cup is 16 oz which is great for drinking a bigger fill. As a cherry on top, this water jug is available in three colors, midnight blue, classic steel, and blackish-white gradient.

The Bottom Line

An insulated water jug is a worthy investment as they are easily carriable with puncture-resistant designs and higher capacities. Since you entrust them with providing the most refreshing draw, buying an apt one is essential.

Begin by choosing the suitable capacity. If you travel a lot, then buying high capacity is more appropriate. Next, look for security and durability. Usually, water jugs have reasonably good screw-on caps, but they must also offer some fall resistance. Try picking a piece that features a carrying handle to increase portability.

Since the above products offer so many attractive features, you may be on your way to ordering them from EVERICHHYDRO. However, it is essential to note that they are wholesale manufacturers and only take bulk orders!

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