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Things to Know About Quality Tower Cranes

by Timmy

Tower cranes are among the most significant equipment for construction and warehouse projects. You will always see them during the construction of tall buildings or skylines. The tower cranes lift materials like concrete, steel, or generators since it is impossible to do it manually. These cranes look similar from afar but are very different from each other. Most of these differences influence the tower crane cost; hence there is no standard price. Most people know little about this equipment and wonder how slender they are, yet they support so much weight. So, we explain things to know about quality tower cranes below.

An overview of quality tower cranes:

Have you ever thought of investing in a crane or venturing into a retail business that sells cranes? The best you can do is equip yourself with the right knowledge so that your clients see you as a knowledgeable person. Learn more below.

Parts of a tower crane

There are three main parts; the base, mast, and slewing unit. Let us explain each part below and its role to help you differentiate the various parts and their functions.


It’s the main support area, connected to a concrete foundation. The concrete is firm and sturdy, able to hold the total weight.


It’s also called the tower and is attached to the base. It supports the crane and gives it height, enabling it to reach the top-most floors. A triangular structure on the mast is quite prominent, and its work is to strengthen the crane.

Slewing unit

The unit is a combination of gear and motor, which allow the crane to rotate 360 degrees. Slewing units have three extra parts, i.e., the working arm or jib, machinery arm, and operator’s cabin.

How does a tower crane work?

The crane is mounted on-site over a concrete slab or support. The vertical metallic mast supports the horizontal boom or slewing unit responsible for lifting weights. The working arm has an attached trolley to carry loads along its length. It rotates it in the direction of the load; it’s filled and moved to where it’s needed.

Why does a tower crane never fall?

Most tower canes seem to be leaning, which is reason enough to worry. However, it’s not because they are made from steel which is slightly flexible but rigid. The leaning often happens when the crane is balancing the loaded weight.

Importance of tower cranes in construction:

The cranes make work easier, fast, and more efficient, unlike manual lifting. Large construction sites cannot function without the tower cranes. No human power is enough to lift objects like electric generators or concrete slabs. The cranes allow the building of skyscrapers, high bridges, etc., making them energy efficient.

Bottom line

The points above help you understand quality tower cranes, their parts, how they function, and their importance. They solved lifting problems in construction, making work easier and quicker. Some companies rent for the designated period, while others prefer owning theirs. Check out Alibaba for some of the best high-quality models sold at affordable prices for your next project.

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